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We have a firm vision of what the future will bring — because we are the health care professionals leading the way. We believe in conducting ourselves with the utmost in Integrity.

Throughout our diverse system, you will find many faces, perspectives and talents united by one common bond: Excellence. No matter your role, every employee within Crescent Regional Hospital works as a leader — making informed decisions, exhibiting the power to always do the right thing and enjoying the freedom to think beyond the ordinary when it comes to our patients’ health.

We’re honest and ethical in all we say and do. We apply Compassion in all we do.

If Crescent Regional Hospital is the human body, our Nursing are the heart. Every day our Nursing make sure the flow of care remains constant, the patients’ information gathered for treatment is extensive, and that the feeling of the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. If the heart stops beating, or if the nurse falls behind, everything else comes to a stop. Nursing are the heroes in the wings and add function to“form and function.” We need Nursing who have the patience, love, and dedication to be there when needed elsewhere, give exceptional care to each patient blindly and without prejudice, and who will dedicate themselves to healing, . . . all while keeping a smile on their face and putting a smile on the patients face at the same time.

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Sha-Taria Reddic
Office: 469-297-5321 Ext. 1228
Cell: 972-213-8453

Facilities Tech

Lancaster, TX

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At Crescent Regional Hospital, our goal is, and always has been, to cultivate a community of doctors, Nursing, and administrators to breathe new life into a previously dying hospital as to provide a continuum of care for the communities of Lancaster, DeSoto, and all surrounding areas. Unwavering in our vision and determined to not just be a choice in healthcare, but the choice in healthcare we need to hire the best from the community as to give the best care for the community.

Being of relative size to the communities we serve, both in staff and structure, allows us the ability to collaborate with and learn from one another as a means to provide treatment which is extensive, thorough, and specific to each patient. And because our internal culture is one of recognizing individual strengths and accomplishments, everyone gets their deserved moment to shine. As members of the Crescent Regional Family, we build one another up because we understand when we strive, our patients and community thrive which perpetuates us all into excellence.

We thank you for your interest in seeking employment with Crescent Regional Hospital and look forward to working with you when you become part of the Crescent Regional Family!

Crescent Regional Hospital is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Inappropriate actions or comments based on an individual’s gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. As an example, sexual harassment (both overt and subtle) is a form of misconduct that is demeaning to another person, undermines the integrity of the professional relationship, and is strictly prohibited.

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