Meet Our Leaders.

Decades of combined experience in healthcare, community advocacy and leadership.

Expertise & Leadership

Every member of our leadership team shares a passion for providing the highest quality healthcare to the city of Lancaster and surrounding communities.

Praised by healthcare leading institutions and organizations, together they bring an unparalleled wealth of experience in medicine, hospital management, quality control, and use of technology and innovation to improve healthcare delivery. We’re pleased to introduce them to you.

Raji Kumar


"Leadership is about making a positive impact on your community, your company, your department, your employees, and by extension, the world."

Rebecca Speight

CFO, Administrator

"Leadership is about the commitment to creating positive work environments and cultures that attract, retain, and engage top talent for best performance."

Lisa Fox BSN, RN


"True leadership is not measured by the height of the pedestal but by the depth of the impact—inspiring others to rise together and creating a legacy of shared success."

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