Med-Surg Tele / Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Director

Job description

Job Summary: Responsible for the direction of patient care in the inpatient clinical care setting. Manages staff members in the Medical/Surgical/Telemetry and Critical Care Unit. Consults with staff, physicians and Nurse Executive on nursing opportunities and interpretation of hospital policies to ensure patient needs are met. Evaluates and directs all M/S/T/ICU employees. Establishes, monitors, and provides action plans to achieve and maintain goals for the nursing clinical units. Oversees department patient supplies and usage. Maintains high standards of care for all patients. Provides ongoing education and monitors employee certification requirements. Maintains performance improvement activities within the department and participates in CQI activities. Responsible for unit specific annual education and equipment usage. Responsible for clinical unit schedules, monitors employee attendance, and counsels each employee not upholding attendance requirements per Attendance policy. Completes payroll process by the deadline. Assists in formulating budget.

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas

  • Knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and their clinical condition.
  • Follows the seven (7) medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.
  • Ability to monitor hemodynamic status of patient and correctly interpret the results.
  • Ability to perform a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassessments as per policy. This includes neonatal to the geriatric patient population.
  • Ability to adequately assess and reassess pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques.
  • Educates the patient and family regarding pain management.
  • Performs management activities including interviewing, hiring, evaluating, termination and departmental staffing scheduling.
  • Maintains records pertinent to staff and operation of the unit. Prepares reports, i.e., utilization, performance improvement, outcome data.
  • Ability to interpret results of waived tests; take appropriate action on waived tests results.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Supports and maintains a culture of safety and quality.
  • Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial needs of patients and family.
  • Formulates a teaching plan based upon identified learning needs and evaluates effectiveness of learning, family is included in teaching as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of cardiac monitoring, identifies dysrhythmias and treats appropriately based upon ACLS protocol.
  • Communicates appropriately and clearly to physicians, staff, Nurse Executive and administrative team.
  • Demonstrates an ability to assist physicians with procedures both in the Critical Care Unit and other departments.
  • Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly.
  • Coordinates and directs patient care to ensure patients’ needs are met and hospital policy is followed.
  • Maintains a good working relationship both within the department and with other departments.
  • Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function well under stressful situations.
  • Consults other departments as appropriate to provide to collaborate in patient care and performance improvement activities.
  • Interacts professionally with patient/family and involves patient/family in the formulation of the plan of care.
  • Maintains performance improvement activities for department.
  • Documentation meets current standards and policies.
  • Provides education to staff on performance improvement. Ability to plan and organize orientation and inservice training for unit staff members, participates in guidance and educational program.
  • Performs management activities including interviewing, hiring and firing.
  • Develops, justifies and maintains a fiscal budget for the Critical Care Unit.
  • Other duties as needed.

Regulatory Requirements

  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree from an accredited school of nursing, required, Master’s preferred
  • Two (2) years experience in all aspects of emergency and/or critical care nursing.
  • One (1) year in Nursing leadership required.
  • Current RN license within the state of practice.
  • Current BCLS, ACLS, and PALS Certification.
  • CEN and/or CCRN Certification, preferred.

Why Crescent Regional?

At Crescent Regional Hospital, our goal is, and always has been, to cultivate a community of doctors, Nursing, and administrators to breathe new life into a previously dying hospital as to provide a continuum of care for the communities of Lancaster, DeSoto, and all surrounding areas. Unwavering in our vision and determined to not just be a choice in healthcare, but the choice in healthcare we need to hire the best from the community as to give the best care for the community.

Being of relative size to the communities we serve, both in staff and structure, allows us the ability to collaborate with and learn from one another as a means to provide treatment which is extensive, thorough, and specific to each patient. And because our internal culture is one of recognizing individual strengths and accomplishments, everyone gets their deserved moment to shine. As members of the Crescent Regional Family, we build one another up because we understand when we strive, our patients and community thrive which perpetuates us all into excellence.

We thank you for your interest in seeking employment with Crescent Regional Hospital and look forward to working with you when you become part of the Crescent Regional Family!

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